Service: Privacy statement
In case you order from us we need certain personal data to be able to process the order. We are careful in processing, keeping and using your personal data. In this privacy statement we explain what we do with your personal data and for what reason we need it. This privacy statement will be changed from time to time. We recommend for that reason to re-read it on a regular basis. The current privacy statement is published May 24, 2018.

Who is responsible for processing your personal data.

That is De Hekserij, Spoorstraat 57, 8271RG, IJsselmuiden, Netherlands. Refer to our contact data for additional information.

What data is it about

Personal data are data that refer to an individual. Name, for instance, but also address, phone number and the IP address of a computer you use.

In which cases does this privacy statement apply

This privacy statement applies to all personal data received by De Hekserij. That can be by one of our websites (,,, for instance in case you order, or write your email address down to receive a news letter. It can be by email, for instance because you ask us a question. It can be by letter, phone or otherwise, depending on how you contacted us.

Whose personal data is processed by De Hekserij

We process personal data from anyone who has (had) contact with De Hekserij, directly or indirectly. For instance by ordering, emailing or for instance when we contacted a supplier. We may have received your personal data from someone else, for instance your name and delivery address when someone ordered a gift for you from our webshop.

Which personal data is processed by De Hekserij, why, and for what time

You order

To be able to process an order we need name, invoice address, delivery address, email address, phone number and payment data. We need the same data for service, returns, call backs and several other events connected to your order. The IP address you use is kept to use in case of fraud.
We have the legal obligation to keep this information for at least seven years. In case certain hazardous goods were supplied we even need to keep them for at least ten years.

Dutch website

In case you use the Dutch webshop we may keep data for your ordering account or newsletter subscription. Please refer to the Dutch website for more information.

You visit one of our websites

To make sure our websites operate well on your device we temporarily store technical data like IP address, browser type etcetera. We need this data for solving technical problems. Besides that we use this data for producing statistics that we use to improve our webshop and our product range. We know now for instance that we should improve our webshop for use on smartphones. We add products sometimes for many people use it as a search term in our webshop.

Which data does De Hekserij share and with who

We both receive and share data with others.

Hosting providers

Our websites, emails and some systems are on servers we do not own. This means that our hosting providers have access to almost all data we process. Only in rare cases (technical malfunctions, legal obligations) they use this possibility.

Payment providers

We receive our payments by the use of payment providers like PayPal, Rabobank and Mollie. The provide us with the ordernumber, name, sometimes address, emailaddress, phone number and IP address. Either we or you share this information with payment providers. This is needed to be able to process the payment or a return payment.


We use the services of certain shippers, in general DHL, but we sometimes use others.We provide them with name, delivery address, email address and phone number. These shippers need this information to do their job and to fulfill their legal obligations.

The government

On request of governments, governmental bodies and other legal entities like customs, tax authorities and police, in special occasions, we share personal data when needed for fulfillment of their legal tasks.


We use certain services from others like a bookkeeper, advisors and IT companies. In some cases they need personal data to be able to do their work.

What are my rights

Right to inquire

In case you want to know which of your personal data we keep you can request to inquire. Mail the request to

Right to rectify

In case you want to correct or otherwise rectify your personal data we keep you can request to rectify. Mail the request to

Right to be forgotten

In case you want us to delete your personal data we keep you can request to rectify. Mail the request to Note that we can only do that in case their is no valid obligation to keep this data.

Right to data portability

You have the right to request a computer file containing the personal data we store from you, that was used in processing orders. Mail the request to

Right to limit dataprocessing

In certain cases you have the right to request us to keep the data, without using it. For instance in case we do not need the data anymore, but you want still to be able to request it. Mail the request to


In case you have a complaint about the way we process your personal data you can contact our customer service: Besides that you can contact the Dutch legal organisation that has to control this: Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens.


In case you have still questions regarding the processing of your personal data, contact our customers service: