How to order
How to order for aromachemicals and other products at De Hekserij depends on the country of shipping.

For EU countries: use our shop.

General information

De Hekserij is a Dutch company. We supply our products in The Netherlands. On request of our customer we can ship products to other countries. All cost and risk of this shipping outside The Netherlands is charged to or taken by the customer. The cost is in general over 50 EUR, it can be much more. We do not ship to all countries.

Refer to 'other options' below in case we cannot ship to you, in case we are too expensive, or in case you think the risk is not worth it.

Dutch company

This means that all labels on products are in Dutch. This includes the labels of hazardous materials. Most legal documents like safety data sheets are in Dutch as well. Products confirm to the Dutch laws, regarding for instance safety. It is very well possible that these products are illegal in your country. Maybe a label in one or more of your languages is needed. A certain substance may be illegal in your country. Some products can be legal to ship to another company in your country, but not to a private person (or the other way around).

For you take the risk that a material is held, extra taxed or destroyed at the customs office, we recommend that you contact your local / national customs before ordering. In case there are special demands: share this with us, we may still be able to fulfill these demands, otherwise we will inform you.


We charge the same prices for the products when exporting as we do to all other customers. We do not have to charge VAT when exporting, so prices may be lower than those at our website. But there are more cost.

For export we need to make export invoices. These are needed for customs purposes. For we only have a small amount of exports per year all documents are made by hand. This is quite some labour. Currently we charge the following cost for all documentation:

Let's assume you order 12 different products, the charge for export documentation would be 25 EUR + 12 x 1 EUR = 37 EUR.
Prices can change any time.

For shipping we do not only charge the total amount on the shippers invoice. We add a fee depending on shipper. The reason is that for instance one shipper does not pick up certain parcels, so we have to bring it to their location. For another we have to do a lot of paperwork.
We only ship parcels that are fully traceable. This is needed to protect our well trusted reputation. It means that we always can prove that we have shipped a certain parcel. In case your parcel never arrives you know that at least we did post it.
Parcels are insured for two reasons: it makes the risk of a loss smaller and in case it is lost in most cases we can compensate you. Note: in most cases. When the shipper thinks the parcel was not lost or damaged in transit we are not compensated and therefor can not compensate you.
Any tax, duty, administrative fee or alike cost may be applicable. We do not know if and which cost is added by customs and other authorities (or by the shipper on behalf of these authorities), but they have to be paid by you.


A parcel can be damaged in transport or get lost. We insure the parcels, but can only compensate you after the shipping company agrees with the claim. Is that not the case then it is unfortunately your loss.

A parcel can be held or destroyed by customs or other authorities. We try to avoid this by well documenting the materials and use our experience on export, but we do not know everything. Rules and habbits are changing all the time, so therefore you have to take this risk as well.

Materials may be illegal in your country. We recommend to check this yourselve before ordering. All resulting consequences are your risk to take.


We do not ship to all countries.

We ship to the EVA countries Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switserland and Norway. Furthermore we did not experience problems when shipping to Australia, Bosnia and Herzegowina, Brasil, Chad, Indonesia, Mali, Malaysia, South Africa, Singapore, Serbia and several other countries.
We can only ship hazardous materials (ADR goods) to a few European countries outside the EU.
Other materials like raw naturals and alcohol containing products can be limited for export as well to some countries.

Liability issues
We do not ship to Canada and the USA due to the high cost of liability insurance for those countries.
Custom and other legal demands
We do not ship to Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom (to mention a few) because we can not fulfill important legal demands without doing huge investments.
Other custom and legal issues
We do not ship to the Russian Federation and Turkey for the customs in these countries hold about everything we try to ship, independent on having the documentation right or not.


Total cost of shipping, including export docs, is in general between 35 and 200 EUR, depending mainly on size, weight and number of items. Besides that it depends on shipper. Shipping destination makes less difference. Express options are available, but are more expensive. We use the following shippers:

PostNL: this is our national post company. They ship to about all countries and are reasonably priced. For outside The Netherlands they always use other shipping companies, tracking can be days delayed and in case a parcel is missing it can take weeks before they know more. Also the transit time can be long.

TNT, FedEx, DHL, UPS. They ship to most countries and are in general more expensive than PostNL. In many cases they deliver from door to door without using the services of another shipper, which makes tracking fast and delays are less common as well.
Other companies like DPD, GLS and others can be used in some occacions.

Leadtime is in general at least about 8 business days, for a customs check is in general involved. It can be over two months. For that reason it is recommended to order way before you need the products.

Shipping weight is estimated as good as possible, cost is based on that estimation. In case it is lighter than estimated we have luck, in case it is heavier you have luck.

Other options

Though not recommendable in all occacions, a work around may be to ask a friend of family in the EU to order for you. When they ship the order as a gift it is often easier to get the parcel through customs. We can not do that for we are not your family or friends, but a company. Note that there still may be risks in working this way.

Most of our Swiss customers use our webshop to order and have the parcel invoiced and shipped to a parcel service in one of the neighbouring countries. For there is hardly any customs activity when bringing products for private use in Switserland by ones own car it is common practice. Please note that this still may not be 100% legal.

How to order

In case you read all the above and want to order you can send us an

A list of items you want to order. Products can be found in our webshop. Reference only, the shop can not be used for orders outside the EU.
Your name, address and phone number.
Shipping preferences, like DHL, cheapest or fastest. By default we suggest in general the cheapest shipper that we find suitable, or the one that

We will respond to you with further questions and remarks and eventually a quotation. You can pay by bank. Only in rare occacions a payment via PayPal can be accepted. Credit cards can only be used via PayPal, so only if we can accept PayPal.