Welcome at Hexapus

We supply many fragrance materials like aroma chemicals, essential oils and absolutes in smaller and larger amounts to customers, mainly in the European Union.

We stock hundreds of different fragrance materials and for private customers that is all we can offer. For professional customers: you can inquire for any fragrance material you want. For materials in stock we can supply any amount, starting at 1 gram. For materials that are not in stock we try to offer small amounts, if possible.

Our webshop is in general the cheapest option for purchasing smaller amounts (up to about 600 grams) and the only option for private persons to order. For we are a Dutch company it is in Dutch, but it will be translated in 2021. Note that the shop is only usable for transactions in the EU. All others: contact us by email for order options.

Professional EU customers (everyone in the EU with an EU VAT number) can inquire by email.