Webshop options
Mid 2021 we changed our webshop options, more changes will follow.

Current webshop options

Currently we have one webshop: hekserij.nl

Drawback: it is completely in Dutch. We hope to have an English version of this webshop available sometime late in 2021.

Until then: many webbrowsers have online translation available, either native or as an add on option. As long as you are a bit critical (automatic translation is not fool proof) it will probably help a lot.
Also: notice that our default, first listed payment option is iDeal, which is fine for our Dutch customers, but unusable for all others. Please select any of the other payment options
Lastly: just like the Hexapus shop hekserij.nl can only be used for orders that are invoiced and shipped within the EU. All other orders can only be done by emailing us.