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We have more than one option for ordering at us

We recommend to read at least this page before ordering. It explains the most important (im-)posibilities and restrictions of this shop and our services. It probably will save time, money and disappointment.

Ordering options

First of all please note we are changing ordering options in 2021. Our Dutch webshop will be translated in English (and still be availabe in Dutch as well) and will be usable for most EU countries after this translation / transition process is completed. At the same time we start adding non EU countries to our ENG shop

Use our ENG shop in case:

Use our NLD shop in case:

Inquire and order by email in all other cases, for instance:

Please note that we can not easy supply to all countries due to many, many rules and regulations, but feel free to inquire.


We are a Dutch company.

We bring all our products to market in The Netherlands. On request of our customers we can ship our products to other countries than The Netherlands, but it is possible that our products do not always meet the demands of every law or rule in every country.
Especially for orders outside the European Union: make sure our products are legal in shipping to your country and legal for you to receive.

The labels on our products are in Dutch. In case of hazardous substances that is mandatory due to the Dutch law: we are not allowed to sell hazardous products without the legaly requested warnings in Dutch on the label. It is not possible to put additional English texts on the smaller sized packagings, but we consider to add English information to the larger packaging in the future.
Make sure you understand the risks and dangers of the products for instance by translating the labels.

Legal documentation like the Safety Data Sheets and Invoice are for the same reason in Dutch. However most other documentation like specifications are in general in English. We intend to be able to provide all documentation in English in the future.


Note that most of our aromachemicals, absolutes, resinoids, fragrance oils and essential oils are hazardous substances. If so these are packed and labeled according to the CLP and REACH legislation of the European Union, due to this same legislation all labels are in Dutch. Make sure to translate the labels as good as possible before first use, find reliable information and act according to this information.

Most of our products expire after some time.


Depending on shipping destination prices include either VAT or export charges. So: the prices that are charged are the same for customers in, as well as outside the EU!

When shipped to an EU country all prices in the shops include VAT. Dutch VAT is in general 21%, for books it is 9%. We have to charge VAT in the EU with one exception: in case we ship and invoice to a business in the EU (but outside the Netherlands) we might be able to supply intracommunal. In case this applies to you please contact us before ordering, so we can check if we can do that for you. The same for some special tax zones in the EU.

When shipped to a non EU country all prices in the shop include charges for making export documentation. This is a lot of additional work and has to be charged. However, on the invoice it will be visible as product prices without VAT and a seperate charge for making documentation.


Refer to international shipping options.

Terms and conditions

Refer to terms and conditions.