Service: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I order ?

It is all explained at our order page.

2. Do your prices include VAT ?

It is all explained at our order page.

3. When do I recieve my order ?

It is all explained at our shipping page.

4. How do I change my order ?

Changing an order placed in one of the webshops is unfortunately not possible. Still there is a work around, in case it is absolutely necessary:
- Cancel your order (as described below in this FAQ), we will refund your payment. Then reorder, this time correct and complete.

5. How can I pay ?

We offer two options:

- Bank, your bank can inform you about the cost and time a payment takes. Make sure that all bank cost are paid by you, for EU payments that usualy means you have to use option SHA (shared cost), for payments from outside the EU you probably need to use option OUR (all cost for the one who pays). Your bank will give all information needed. You receive our bank account data in the order confirmation.

- PayPal - In that case you can also use a credit card if you want to. In most cases your payment arives with us in seconds, which makes the order processing faster. In some cases the payment is delayed, please refer to the PayPal site for more information how to make sure this does not happen. When delayed it can take up to 10 working days before we receive your payment, this will delay the order processing. Due to the high cost PayPal charges us we add 2% of the order total (products + handling + shipping) to the cost to pay, to cover part of the PayPal cost.

6. How can I cancel the order ?

In case you are a private customer in the EU and the invoice address and/or delivery address is/are in the EU: simply send us an email and inform us that you want to cancel the order. Please quote the order number. In case your order is not (nearly) shipped we will cancel the order.

Non EU customers or EU companies or organisations can always request to cancel an order, but in some cases we might decide not to cancel, mainly in case we specialy ordered or packed products or suplied in large amounts or sizes.

In case you already paid for your order we will refund this payment within a few working days, either on your PayPal account (also in case you used a Credit Card with PayPal!) or your bank account, depending on the way you paid us.

7. How can I return an order ?

First of all: never return products without discussing this with us!

In case you are a private customer and the invoice address and/or delivery address is/are in the EU you have the legal right to return products until the 14th working day after reception of the products. We allow 15 working days: in case you inform us within 15 working days after reception of our products that you want to return them we allow that. For we are reasonable people: a few days more is in general not a problem, you can always ask us. However, there are a few conditions:
- Products that have an expiration date (most of our raw materials, including aromachemicals, essential oils etc. have an expiration date) can only be returned in case the seals (pilfer proof caps, hot sealed plastic bags etc.) aren't broken.
- Products that don't have an expiration date, but have a seal can be returned, however, we may charge for repairs.
- Other damages can not be accepted, besides that products need to be clean and unused.
- After we accepted your return and informed you how to return, you have to ship the products to us within 14 working days.

After accepting your return we inform how to return. After reception we check the return and refund the payment. In case you return the complete order we also refund the shipping cost, however the shipping cost for return have to be paid for by the returner, the risk of the return the goods is also taken by the returner.

Non EU customers or EU companies or organisations: contact us if you want to return an order. You do not have a legal right for that, but we try to be reasonable.

8. Can I visit Hexapus / De Hekserij ?

Unfortunately that is not possible, we only have a warehouse and offices, not a store or reception space. It is not possible to pick up parcels from us either, we only ship parcels.

9. Can you ship my order in an envelope ?

We only ship parcels. Only a few of our products could be shipped in an envelope. Liquids, glass and hazardous products can never be shipped due to the risks when damaged, other products are in general too large. It is expensive to change our webshops to check if shipping by envelope is possible for only these few items. Shipping by parcel only has another advantage: we always can prove that we shipped an order, therefor you never have to doubt if we are trustworthy.

10. When do your products expire ?

We have a special page about this issue

11. What tracking code has my shipment ?

This depends on shiping method. In all cases it will be emailed to you within one working day from the moment of shipping.

An email is generated when we plan shipping. The second part of this email is in English. It provides a link to the shipping information, you don't have to fill out a code. In the first hours after reception of the email it might be possible that the code is unknown to the tracking website, simply try again later. Note that part of the information may be in Dutch, but you probably will manage to find the tracking code in the text, use this in the DHL site in your language (or another language you do understand).

PostNL / EUR1 / EUR2 / EUR3 / ROW
We manualy confirm shipping by email, in general the working day after shipping. We provide the parcel number and a link where you can fill out this number to track the parcel.

12. I am looking for Aromachemical X / Essential Oil Y, do you have it ?

Usualy not, but it is worth asking.

Depending on how you count there are about 5000 different single fragrance materials on the market (essential oils, aromachemicals, absolutes, etcetera) and an infinitive number of compounds: in theory one could make a different rose compound for every single human on the globe and that would not be the limit. The shelf life of these products is in many cases two years or less. So for practical reasons it is impossible to have all these materials in stock.
We probably can purchase 70-80% of the single fragrance materials that exist on request, but for some products the minimum order quantity would be around 1000 kg and cost over say 50000 Euro. There are however products that are available for us in smaller amounts and only needs a small investment. It takes a lot of time to check for availability, price, quality, legal status, available documentation etc. and in most cases we have to do the work, but do not get a sale, therefor we cannot do this for every request. However, we have some time for these requests available, note that it may take time.
We can make compounds (or have them made), even in small amounts of 1 kg or less, but have to charge probably at least about 100 euro per compound per kg of part of a kg to start with. Note that these specials will always cost time to have made, can be a month, can be several months.

So: in some cases we can help you, in other cases: we will in general put the requests on our long-list, which we use in case we decide what new materials will be added. Maybe we cannot help you imediately, but then we might be able to help you later.