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Contact us at De Hekserij

Hexapus is a website of De Hekserij. De Hekserij is a Dutch firm. We supply fragrance raw materials, cosmetics raw materials, and some other supplies in small amounts to companies, schools, private persons and others. Therefor we are both wholesaler and retailer.
We are registered at the Chamber of commerce in Zwolle, firm number 05077710.
Our VAT number is: NL8210.80.623B01

Our address is:
De Hekserij
Spoorstraat 57
8271 RG IJsselmuiden
The Netherlands

Sorry, customers can NOT visit us, it is not possible to purchase or even watch or smell products at this address.

The easiest and fastest way to contact us is by email. In general we respond within one working day, emails are in general checked at least every two or three hours.

In general we are hard to reach by phone, please use email, we respond in general faster and better by email.

Don't bother to use Twitter to reach us, we only use it to bring out news about us and our products, ignoring all messages that are send to us.

In case you insist on finding out how hard it is to reach us by phone: feel free to try. Please note that often we will not pick up the phone, and in those cases we do we probably cannot help you immediately for we have to check or investigate something, for instance the status of your order or the current availability of a product, which cannot be done behind the phone.
An email can be read afterwards and because neither we nor most of our customers are native English speakers that is convenient in more than one way: you can read our email over and over, the chance that we misunderstand each other by phone is much more likely than by email. However, our phone number is +31 38 3557927 - again: we are hard to reach and recommend the use of email.